Learning how to write comedy scripts that make readers laugh out loud is no easy task. Not jokey.

stand up comedy in hindi script

Not just a comment. Now multiply that by a thousand. So take more time giving your characters a razor-sharp wit and it will pay off in dividends. How do you give the characters Woody Allen-esque one-liners? There are literally millions of jokes out there ready to be adapted to your comedy scripts.

You could spend ages trying to come up with a funny joke about how he acts like a year-old. For example:. This can then be easily adapted to a one-liner said by one of your characters along the lines of:. You get the picture. This will immediately give your characters the comedic edge over most others out there in spec-script land.

Script 24 - Hindi audition script - Comedy

The idea is to take the initial joke and adapt it or be inspired by itnot outright lift it from the internet into your comedy script. The chances that an exec or manager is going to recognize that a one-liner in your script has been adapted or inspired by one them is close to zero. But most comedy writers even professional ones need a little help. This is an adaptation of an old Jack Benny joke. But does anyone really care? We would argue he has the funniest dialogue in the film.

The Coens achieved this by giving each of the characters a voice. This the basis of all great comedy writing. You could also try fleshing out fully-formed characters using this screenplay character development method.

How do you come up with jokes for your characters or make their personalities as funny as possible? What do you think of our methods to punch up your comedy scripts? Let us know in the comments section below.One of the most neglected aspects of stand-up comedy shows is the introduction.

And yet, as critical an opportunity as it may be, it usually gets ignored or simply relegated to the Emcee to supply. Unfortunately, introductions are most often employed to just bring the comic on stage. Yet it can also be utilized to affect the audience in some very powerful ways. If well written. Conversely, a poorly written introduction can set a bummer of a mood, give the audience a bad attitude toward the performer, establish the wrong character, screw up an opening joke, discredit the comic, get a groan, or otherwise dig a hole from which a comic may never recover.

What I want to do with this article is to suggest some simple ways to improve the opening of shows by writing a great introduction. Here are some things to consider:. Bad assumption. Especially at open mikes, Emcees are often another beginner comic trying to get stage time. He told me he was going to get more laughs than the other comics because this audience would laugh at anything since they have the I.

Needless to say, it was a comedy nightmare. So shut up, and next time give me something. Begin by taking responsibility for the opening of your show. This is the first time the audience will meet you. Take the opportunity to get on stage the way you think is best for your show.

stand up comedy in hindi script

Spend a little bit of time learning how to write one. This is useful because the Emcee can stick the card into his pocket, then later pull it out and read it on stage. Also, bring two or three duplicate cards with you to the show, because the Emcee may lose the original. If your name is difficult to pronounce, print it out phonetically.

One student was blessed with the name Mark Dziwanowski, jew-van-ow-ski. One of the more damaging mistakes made in an introduction is setting an unrealistic expectation. They usually appear as statements like:. On the surface, these sound flattering. But what they are really doing is setting an expectation that the comic, for whatever reason, might not be able to live up to.

Too high an expectation can make the comic look bad and make the Emcee appear to have lousy taste in comics. Setting the proper expectation is one of the primary reasons you need to write your own introduction.

You spend a great deal of time thinking and writing funny material for your act. Consider the introduction as part of your act. One or two good credits are enough. If you have some overt characteristic like being really heavy, cranky, tall, you wear thick glasses, or are of a particular ethnic group, use it to your advantage.

For instance, a female student of mine, Karyn Faranda, is rather brazen. To prepare the audience for her strong personality she wrote this introduction:.Chowdary, Gurgaon, India- Very economical comedian in Hindi who has won several Laughter competitions, performed inlot of shows.

Sajid Anwar, Kolkata, India- With wacky comedy and witty one-liners he always keep the crowd upbeat. Anchored and performed in hundreds of shows the world over and a favorite for corporate houses.

Confidence Tips from Stand-up Comics

Hiren Trivedi, Rajkot, India- do differant voice like indian actord, cartoon and animals. Singh, Abohar, India years, performed many comedy shows and acted in many punjabi films as comedian, also do Punjabi shows. Contact Neeraj as above. Santosh B Ghadse, Mumbai.

Ph- contact. Latesh Sharma, Mumbai, India- experienced mimicry artiste and winner of many laughter shows. Contact Neeraj Mehra for my no. Gaurav Mahajan, Delhi, India- 26 years- do mimicry of 30 film actors and dance like 25 film actors.

Karamvir Bhogal, Delhi, India- Very good at copying people. Also present live-host shows so as to entertain people. Sanket Jain, Rajasthan, India- Talented full of humour with new village items, well suited to your budget. Mathew George, Pune, India- can mimic voices, lots of fun stuff with me.

Afsar RazaMumbai, India- U. P based Laughter artist. Perform Lots of shows all over India. Anas Fasih, Delhi, India- perform items with more than 72 voices, a great stuff. Sameer Jadhav, Mumbai, India-love to mimic people,try to mimic different voices on d phone to make all laugh n enjoy life. Basavaraja, Bangalore, India- got 7 items in dogs, cats and music instruments, also perform in South Indian Languages.As a birthday gift to myself I decided to improve my comedic writing by enrolling in a stand up comedy class.

They just go up there and talk smack. You have to be able to talk smack in a way that people find humorous. Realizing how hard comedy is made me reflect about life as well. Are there other things in life that I discount as easy but must be really difficult? I think so. Maybe being a cashier is harder than it looks or being a chef or being an Uber driver. The point is: if comedy is harder than it looks, other things in life must be harder than they look as well.

You have to be even stronger to look inside yourself and laugh. Our first assignment in comedy class was to write a biography about ourselves. The point was to look inwardly to find our hurts, pains, experiences and to laugh about them. As my classmates and I shared interesting aspects about ourselves, it was easy to see how many of us were hiding. It was humbling to sit in class and have classmates who had relatives who were blood thirsty dictators, classmates who were proud college drop outs, classmates who refused to take traditional paths to define their lives.

Sitting in a class with people who were rebels in their own way made me want to live my life a little more fearlessly. This class reminded me that I could. I grew up and was often told that you had to go to college, you had to date a certain kind of person, get married, have a certain number of kids, and live a certain kind of way in order to be successful.

Watching my classmates and my instructors reminded me that life is full of choices—good choices and different choices. Happiness is not found simply by following the script that someone else gave you. Happiness is about writing your own script and living life by your own rules. I learned that in spite of dealing with depression, people go out and try to be funny anyway. In our small class, depression, anti-depressants and coping methods all became a topic of discussion.

Yes, in a stand up comedy class. It may seem depressing and it should, a bunch of people sitting around trying to be funny were talking about how depression impacted their lives. This nation needs to invest more research on preventing depression and healing people who are suffering.

Laughing after telling a joke!!! Today, I rehearsed my entire routine and unexpectedly and out of sheer spontaneity I did the moonwalk off the stage. My classmates clapped for me.Here are twenty of the best comedy scripts that you can download and read to help make writing a comedy script that much easier. Study these funny scripts and learn how to amp up the funny in your own screenplay.

And every one of these comedy scripts is well worth your time. Click to tweet this post. The 21 Jump Street script puts a new spin on the buddy action movie genre by giving just as much weight to comedy as to the action. It takes the premise of the original TV show but twists the tone from straight action into out-and-out comedy.

How can I mix genres and create something new? Overall, the script works because buddy movies are an important part of cinema history—although also a particularly American phenomenon. Selling comedy scripts in Hollywood is a tough business. But a sure-fire way to make it that much easier is to give us a protagonist who leaps off the page.

Make him or her someone unique, memorable and most of all, funny. Ron Burgundy is just that guy. And not only that but the writers, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, also use the trick of showing us a world in a different way.

So look for those opportunities in your comedy scripts. A great way of putting a new twist on a genre is to combine it with another.

This is exactly what the Coen brothers did when they created this Raymond Chandler-esque crime story and infused it with a strong dose of surreal dope-infused humor. The brothers only wrote forty pages of a first draft, before hitting a roadblock in the story.

So they decided to sit on it for a while and work on other projects, before coming back to it. The script, by actors Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, is semi-autobiographical. The main storyline is based on their actual courtship before they got married, and many of the events actually happened in one form or another.

Mining your own life for material for a comedy screenplay can be a good way into finding an idea.

All Is Well

While this script spawned a big hit at the box office, many felt the movie lacked conflict and real laughs. And this is probably because the writers relied so much on their real-life experiences. The movie that proved romantic comedies can still be huge worldwide hits was based on the best-selling novel by Kevin Kwan.

His book was also inspired by events in his personal life and he began writing it after his father died as a way to cope with his grief. Due to the current state of an industry that loves scripts based on existing popular works, publishing a novel first is always an option for aspiring screenwriters.

This is a smart high school teen comedy that writer Bert V. Royal claims to have written in five days. Apart from the climax. How this wonderful comedy drama script got made is a fine example of a writer punching above their weight.

This is exactly what fairly new screenwriter Kelly Fremon Craig did when she sent a copy of the script to James L.

stand up comedy in hindi script

Brooks and he ended up becoming her mentor.So you sit down to write comedy and what happens? Now what? I teach a lot of techniques so that people can learn how to write comedy.

Most of what I focus on is writing comedy for a stand up act. However, the same techniques are used in blog writing, script writing or any other writing, because the fundamentals of comedy and the goals, getting people to laughremain the same.

The difference is the style. Stand up is more conversational. In other words, as a stand up comedian, the audience has to like you. They want to root for you, while you share your struggles and life situations and observations. Also, as a stand up we have to connect with you and one of the best ways to do that is to share with your audience, you emotional point of view. Therefore, one of the best things you can do as a stand up is to focus on stuff you give a damn about.

Not something that is funny. Whenever I use Jokes, I can come up with subject matter to start writing about. I was talking today to a friend about relationships and break ups.

Whenever I talk about a topic that is primal, and relationships certainly isI come up with analogies. My friend Rob Rose, was talking about break-ups that tend to go on forever and I said. And why not? It comes with a touch scream. Analogies are almost instant jokes. Because, by their nature they are incongruous. Yes a good writing material is essential. The above tip applies here as well, be observant and social.

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But who is really courting who - that is the question. You'll learn to love him. But this day is different. Find out how by reading this all out comedy. The 35 Steps by Paul Nash hosted by Paul Nash Short, Comedy - A bored and embittered charmer desperately dodges paying for an expensive meal — and being revealed as a secret male gigolo — all the while handcuffed to the mysterious female client who created the whole mess in the first place. But it's not all it's cracked up to be.

The 5th Horseman by Vin Conzo Conz writing as Mennen Short, Comedy, Apocalypse - When the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse fail to end life on Earth, their tech savvy younger brother must use his knowledge of modern society to help fulfill the prophecy.

The Abortion Clinic by Javier Torregrosa jayrex Short, Comedy - A young lady goes to an abortion clinic only to be challenged by the doctor for her intentions and asked insensitive questions. Adage by Gabriel Moronta Mr. Ripley Short, Comedy - A farmer proves the old adage wrong.

You can make a horse drink water. Sylvain Short, Comedy - During a luncheon, two co-workers try to convince their trusting friend to confront his wife, who they believe is having an affair. A WOL script pdf - Discuss this script. Air Biscuit by W. Rupert Digby is a psychiatrist with an over-inflated ego. He's introduced to Berry Delightful a young and attractive member of the upper British class.

Her father is Sir Richard Delightful a successful businessman. Berry has been in trouble at a hunt ball and now needs psychiatric help. What neither Berry or Digby know is that they are related.

As the plot unfolds we learn a good deal about the quirky nature of the characters 37 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Almost Back in Seattle by Frederick Cheaves Short, Comedy - Three tenacious friends move to Los Angeles to pursue wealth and fame but soon discover that the city's unique array of characters, pitfalls, and high cost-of-living, keep them on a never ending cycle of either coming up with the rent or packing it in and moving back home to Seattle.

Almost Gone by Reginald McGhee reggie Short, Comedy - A young teen races against time to find the perfect anniversary present for his sister-in-law.

Altered Egos by David Lambertson eldave1 Short, Comedy - The fragile alter egos of Superheroes are challenged by a new arrival to their group. The Anderson File by Lee Hurwitz Short, Comedy - Faced with an impossible work deadline, a man gets distracted trying to figure out which of his co-workers keeps stealing his lunch. Animal Magic by Anthony Cawood writing as Johnnie Morris Short, Comedy - He can talk to the animals, walk with the animals, get them to do his bidding even She finally finds one with high pay, but first, she has to talk to her husband.

Discuss this script. Aping Edwin Porter by J. Whetstone Short, Comedy - Four aspiring filmmakers need an original movie idea for their first production.

They lament the lack of original movies in Hollywood, but their dialogue is peppered with close to 50 old movie lines. Not just a jab at Hollywood, but a celebration of the movies we love. Asian Persuasion by Jason Yourgules Short, Comedy - Jack is a young animator on the cusp of his most important project.

Meeting his Asian girlfriend's mother.